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M'sians must persevere through the 1MDB fatigue

COMMENT | After so many years and so many news reports from all over the world, there still has been no resolution with regards to the 1MDB scandal that involves Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. So we can’t blame everyone for having 1MDB fatigue.

It can get very frustrating when we see more than half a dozen countries around the world still conducting investigations on the scandal, yet our own Malaysian attorney-general has conveniently declared that there has been no wrongdoing.

The 1MDB fund itself has denied that any money was missing even though it is clear that they have no money. There were multiple investigations that were opened against the fund and, apparently, even against the prime minister. But they were all closed.

International probes

Switzerland has been very adamant in their investigations and has persistently tried to contact Malaysian authorities for assistance. The Malaysian authorities have not responded to any of the requests.

Initially, Singapore was quiet about the scandal but after international pressure, they started investigations as well. To date, they have convicted four bank officials and one has even been suspended from practising for ten years.

The highest-profile investigation has to be the one conducted by the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ).

This week, a luxury yacht worth US$250 million was seized by the Indonesian government in Bali at the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in their investigations. The yacht is said to be owned by Jho Low, the infamous 1MDB consultant...

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