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It's hard to be gracious towards BN

COMMENT | I never thought BN would actually be ousted from power in Malaysia. After 61 years since independence, you can’t blame me for already having it ingrained in me that BN will forever be the government.

If anything, I thought the margin of BN’s win was what would determine if it was a victory or not. The best outcome that I had hoped for was for Pakatan Harapan to deny them a huge marginal win so that they would have to face a stronger opposition in Parliament.

In part, it was the fatigue of the past two elections where Harapan had come so close, yet there was no cookie. 2008 was a nice surprise when they managed to wrest three states from BN. Everyone celebrated that one.

2013 was the huge disappointment. I, and many Malaysians, thought this would have been the one where Harapan would do it. Spirits were high and the effort put in was tremendous. Unfortunately, they won the popular vote but not Parliament...

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