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What has happened to the Harapan women?

COMMENT | What is happening with the Pakatan Harapan women? It’s as if their tongues have been bitten off ever since they won the general election.

First of all, what has happened to the cabinet? It doesn’t look like the promise for 30 percent women representation in government has been fulfilled.

Initially, I didn’t want to make too big a fuss about it because the full cabinet lineup had not been announced yet. But now that it has, it is obvious that Harapan totally disregarded their promise to empower women. There are five women ministers. That makes it only 18 percent.

And what have the women in Harapan done? They just keep silent like nothing is wrong.

What’s the point of making a promise and not keeping to it? What’s the point of Malaysians fighting so hard for gender equality when the very women leaders they were supporting just become lame?...

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