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Future PMs: Many possibilities within Bersatu, PKR and Umno triangle

COMMENT | The winds of change seem to be blowing a little harder than usual these last few days, hinting at a sea change in the world of Malaysian politics.

I believe that one simple question is at the core of these changes: which party will the next few prime ministers of Malaysia come from?

As a point of reference, let us consider the old BN system. The Umno president was the prime pinister, and the party’s deputy president - should he not get fired at some point in his term - invariably becomes the next president, and thus the next prime minister.

The BN system had a thousand flaws, and I would never want to see it make a return; but I’ll admit that in this regard, it was relatively stable and predictable.

The situation is Harapan is manifestly different. We have not one, but two, and maybe even three parties (some may even say four) from whom the candidate of prime minister may be drawn.

More importantly, there is a sense that it is not guaranteed who the eighth PM will be, more so the ninth PM, and which party he or she will be from, even if Harapan continues to win...

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