Was this all just for one man to be prime minister?

COMMENT | I have been covering politics as a journalist and as a Malaysian for close to 20 years now. That means for the most parts, I have covered a Malaysian government that has been BN and Umno-led for most of my career.

And throughout those years, the politicians and cabinet members have always been just there. I had never known them any other way. They were the nation’s leaders and they carried themselves that way as well, in an air of entitlement and deserving of respect.

When we talk to them we had to make sure to address them properly with all the titles that they have. In press conferences, we would have to ask the proper questions or else we would be humiliated in front of everyone or even be banished from the event.

Basically, they were always an arm's length away. They were not us and we were not them and the whole society made it very clear that it was so. They were the blue-bloods and we were the commoners, and never shall the two meet.

In the past five months, things have been different. People who are friends and are on first-name basis have become MPs and even cabinet members. You could send them a WhatsApp message or poke them on Facebook.

These are people that I have known for years. Some are actual friends from the work that I do. But most are people I have known who have been very active in civil society movements and activism. Ordinary people who are part of the ordinary society...

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