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Three nights ago, I received an urgent SMS - Father Jojo requested Christians to gather in front of the High Court for a vigil on the issue of the "denial of rights" involving the wife of the army commando M Moorthy who had died recently.

This was the first time I had been invited to a vigil for any cause. I had to quickly make some important choices and decisions. What are the real issues? Do I support the cause? Is it something worth standing up for and to make a statement? And is it really that important to take and make time to be there?

By 8.20pm, I turned up at the High Court sidewalk with a whole bunch of others, including Dr Irene Fernandez, the winner of the alternative Nobel Award, and two siblings - all my kampong mates. Most of the friends I texted did not come though. I met many other friends and made some new acquaintances, including a Special Branch officer from the Dang Wangi police station assigned to keep watch of the situation.

It was my privilege to be there, and hopefully my two youngest will understand why daddy had to suddenly run off to attend an urgent call to a "peaceful protest".

Now, why did I do it? The SB officer also asked me the same question of a 30-year ex-government servant who drove all the way from PJ to get there for the 15-minute vigil. I said, "for the sake of my children and grandchildren!"

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