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Frog-jumping: An assault on the fundamentals of democracy

COMMENT | Everyone knows what is going on. The large exodus of Umno members into Bersatu (soon) are driven by lust for power and a desire to avoid punishment for their sins.

These former Umno members made it clear: they wanted to join a party in government so they could better serve the people.

This is a direct confession that this exodus is for power and power only. Because the past regime was ridden with excesses of corruption and abuse of power, we wonder if this exodus was also to cleanse their past sins.

In both cases, they are directly in conflict with the fundamental democratic and ethical principles which we expect our politicians to uphold.

Power-cleansing sins

If the exodus was to cleanse their sins, this is an abuse of power because the government should have no power to decide who gets charged and who is freed.

The process of investigation and prosecution must be independent and impartial, and if the prime minister’s tap on the shoulder could make a difference, then it defeats the whole system.

If the exodus was for power, then the voters’ choice of government is immediately frustrated...

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