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Finally, we get fresh air at the mamak!

COMMENT | “The government is stupid! Don’t they know that by banning smoking at food outlets, they are ostracising a majority of the people?”

“The cigarette industry contributes so much to the nation financially. Jobs are available and taxes can be collected. What’s the problem?”

“If I want to smoke, then I’ll smoke. It’s not like I’m hurting anyone so the government should mind their own business.”

These are just some of the many general statements going around made by people who don’t agree with the smoking ban that the Health Ministry has announced, and has taken effect since the start of 2019.

Some smokers find this move so offensive that they want to fight the ban by just smoking and defying it. Some people even resort to slapping restaurant workers who tell them not to smoke. So gangster over just a stick of cigarette.

If they think they are such gangsters, why not just go on shooting heroin, smoke some meth or take syabu in the middle of the mamak restaurant and then stab the police who come to arrest and reprimand them? Gangster my foot!

Last year, a public relations agency representing a tobacco company approached me and offered to pay me to write articles that would promote smoking. They even had one of their nice officers take me out for lunch at a fancy restaurant to persuade me.

Of course, they were trying to be smart by requesting me to write about how the government should be stricter in enforcing smuggling and contraband laws instead of asking me to outrightly encourage people to smoke. Obviously, I did not agree to do it...

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