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COMMENT | Why is Pakatan Harapan talking about "bumi agenda" when it should be "Bumi manusia" (Earth of mankind) as proposed by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, in a classic novel of our Nusantara?

You lost in Semenyih and you want to speed up bumi agenda? We are all Malaysians. And I thought Harapan is all about principles of anti-discrimination?

For once, I suggest, think like a government for all Malaysians and fix the economy accordingly.

This talk of another "bumi agenda" is a prelude to the new control of the GLCs, perhaps? Another round of economic cacophony? Another round of the creation of the choir group “Hebatkan Malaysia” (Make Malaysia Great Again) who sang praises for a deposed prime minister?

We have not heard any of Harapan politicians championing the rights of all Malaysians. Everyone seems to be comfortably numb, well placed in their seat.

This talk of "bumi agenda" is a bankrupt ideological talk.

Talk about sustainable politics of diversity now, we should. Inclusive politics is no longer about Malay-Muslim rights only. Justice must serve all... 

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