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“His supporters will push him to disaster unless his opponents show where the dangers are.”

- Walter Lippmann

COMMENT | The latest Pakatan Harapan kerfuffle is the interview Nurul Izzah Anwar gave The Straits Times of Singapore, on how difficult it was working with a former dictator.

Some Harapan political operatives are up in arms about this interview and are attacking Nurul Izzah and condemning her remarks as detrimental not only to the current prime minister and Harapan, but also to the country.

Meanwhile, the opposition, having nothing really to run but race and religion, are hoping to manipulate the situation and cause confusion in the enemy's ranks.

Former PKR vice-president N Surendran gave a rather queer response to this interview. His response begins with a question – Is this acceptable? – and then he goes on to tweet that in the middle of a bilateral dispute, the timing, manner and platform were all wrong. What if there was no dispute between Malaysia and Singapore? Would Nurul Izzah’s comments be acceptable then?...

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