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“Beyond all the other reasons not to do it, free speech assaults always backfire: they transform bigots into martyrs.”

- Glenn Greenwald

COMMENT | In 2013, the current Isma president, Aminuddin Yahaya (photo, above), who was then its deputy president, accused, among others, Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran of being behind the nefarious Comango initiative to destabilise Islam in this country.

Aminuddin said: “The recommendations were an affront to religious sanctity and the sovereignty of the Federal Constitution for insisting on religious freedom, LGBT rights, the right of a Muslim to be an apostate and the removal of Malay privileges.”

The Isma president now has a column in the Bahasa Malaysia section of Malaysiakini.

His latest article argues why Pakatan Harapan will win in PRU 15. He posits three reasons. The first is that the Umno leadership is in disarray and the Malay polity does not have much trust in them.

The second is the Mahathir factor, Aminuddin arguing that the old maverick is a master strategist and capable of “the impossible.”

Finally, because of the DAP, which Aminuddin claims is cosying up to Malay personalities. He argues that while Malay leaders are making foolish statements, the DAP is busy worming its way into the hearts and minds of the Malay polity...

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