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No corporal punishment in school or at home

COMMENT | So we’ve got these two cases where teachers have resorted to violent corporal punishments when it came to disciplining students. The first case was in Johor while the second was in Pahang. Cases like these do crop up every once in a while and they become a topic of conversation.

Then, people who are around my age will come up to me and say, “What is wrong with these kids? All so spoilt! We used to be caned by our parents and we turned out okay, didn’t we?”. No buddy! I was never caned or hit by my parents. And I did turn out okay.

The point here is that to progress as a society, we need to make sure that all forms of corporal punishment like caning, smacking and slapping are stopped, whether it be in schools or even in homes. I am glad Minister Dr Maszlee Malik has made a statement saying that he opposes all forms of violent punishment...

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