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Time to learn from your past mistakes, Education Ministry

COMMENT | When I was in Year 6, my English teacher taught me cursive writing. We were given lots of exercises in the class as well as homework to master the skill.

She advised us not to feel discouraged if we found it difficult, instead to keep on practising cursive writing whenever we could. So I started applying the new skill I’ve learned in other subjects as well.

However, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher Cikgu Dayah, obviously had a big issue with it –she claimed my cursive writing looked like a bunch a cacings (worms)!.

Ini karangan ataupun lukisan mesyuarat agung cacing-cacing sedunia? (Is this an essay or a global meeting of worms?)” she criticised my cursive writing before throwing my karangan (essay) exercise book out of the second floor of our school building.

Everyone in my class laughed hysterically. I felt so disappointed and embarrassed. But I was determined not to give up...

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