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COMMENT | It’s interesting how Malaysians get really worked up when it comes to racial issues in the country. Last week I wrote about how I think that Malaysia might just be racist forever, and there would be no hope for the country anymore.

I sounded very pessimistic and called for comments from the readers. Lo and behold, almost a hundred comments came in, and I would have to say that more than 90 percent were equally, or even more, pessimistic than I was.

I spoke at a conference recently, and even there, people came up to me and expressed their hopelessness about our race relations.

What does this say about Malaysia? That we have all given up and are letting the country go to the dogs? Eeee.. haram! We can’t let that happen!

Well, my intention in most of my writings is to always try to offer a solution, or at least suggest that there is a possibility of a solution. So let’s try to do that today.

Every time I get together with my friends or family, we can never avoid discussing politics. It can be off-the-cuff, one-off remarks, or even full-blown debates and discussions that last the whole night...

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