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COMMENT | Three major political parties held their assemblies over the weekend – PKR in Malacca, Umno in Kuala Lumpur and Parti Amanah in Shah Alam.

Of the three, there is no prize for guessing which one is the most troubled and problematic party. The ruckus in Malacca was a disgrace and all associated with such violent behaviour should be ashamed of themselves.

But, are they? This party is sick to the core. I don’t find the fighting and violence surprising at all. A party infested and soiled with hooligans is bound to attract characters of the same breed!

Hired goons or not, the fact remains that only a political party with a samseng (gangster) culture will attract such shady characters.

How come no professional rabble-rousers, if indeed they exist, gate-crashed the Umno and Amanah assemblies?

In Shah Alam, the Amanah assembly saw some fiery debates but many speakers raised pressing and pertinent issues. Amanah has matured a lot over the past five years. Credit is due to the party leadership...

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