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Kamila, the award-winning transgender doc

COMMENT | Ipoh-born Kamila Kamaruddin followed the route taken by many non-Malays and non-Muslims – she ventured overseas to be able to flourish, contribute to society, and be recognised in her own right.

When people discuss discrimination, few believe that a Malay would be affected, but in her youth, Kamila had to endure bullying, intolerance and prejudice.

Today, she is a doctor with three decades of experience working in the National Health Service (NHS) in England, and has won many awards for her contributions to society.

Despite her achievements, she said, "I am simply not allowed to work in Malaysia."

The issue about being unable to practise in Malaysia has nothing to do with her profession. Kamila is a transgender doctor and in conservative Malaysia, she is deemed an "unworthy" person.

Despite being a partner in her practice and winning various awards, such as Finalist GP 2018, Pulse Magazine UK, Diversity and Inclusivity Award, Tower Hamlets 2018 and the Royal College of General Practitioners’ Inspire Award 2019, she is sad that she is considered to be an outcast in Malaysia, and her achievements mean nothing to many Malaysians... 

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