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COMMENT | The ball is back in Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's lap, because only he can "recalibrate" Malaysia. Prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim cannot, nor can the inspector-general of police, nor powerful non-Malays, who would only commit political suicide.

Mahathir must act immediately. He has nothing to lose, but generations of Malaysians will suffer if he does not stop the betrayals.

We elected him to reform Malaysia and he did a good job for four months, after GE14, before his mask slipped.

Mahathir's policies, which he sowed in the 1980s, have seriously impacted our lives, as have the footprints which were left by the Iranian revolution of 1979.

America and the West use their economic sanctions to control rogue nations. In Malaysia, clerics working alongside amoral politicians control Muslims with threats about heaven and the afterlife, and they subjugate the non-Muslims with affirmative action policies...

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