COMMENT | Malaysia has finally found the formula to stop all future politicking and instability. Since all Members of Parliament have pledged their undying support and love for the Tun, as of today, we, the Deep State, have declared him as the Prime Minister for Life.

This has been hailed as the perfect solution by PakaTUN, after they “discovered” that the Tun sort of, kind of, er... didn’t agree with what his own Parti Pro-Bumi was planning at the Sheraton Hotel. Also declaring their love for the PM for Life idea are the Holy Racial Alliance of klepto-theocrats and their friends who enjoy backdoor games, whether with or without pelicin (lubricant).

Is this not what #LangkahSheraton means? Share a Tun right? Even Gabungan Pelan Sesat, seeing which way the wind is blowing, have agreed.

Having a PM for Life will "improve" democracy, making pesky voters and their tiresome demands irrelevant once and for all. Elections will become a mere pesta, a carnival of ceramah sessions to comfort the rakyat with the illusion that they still choose their leaders. From now on, everything will be decided by the single-minded and efficient rule of One Man, who, henceforth, shall be called... 

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