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Our rights as Malaysians have been snatched away by the politicians

COMMENT | I am very angry with what our elected politicians have done this past week or so. They have more or less eliminated all faith that I ever had in the politics and governance of Malaysia. I feel that what has happened just portrays the selfishness and immaturity of our country’s politics, and it makes me feel ashamed.

The Pakatan Harapan coalition was voted into government by a majority of Malaysians who, after decades, had felt that it was finally time for a change in the country. This majority was tired of the corruption and unnecessary racial and religious tension that existed and May 9, 2018, was the tipping point of when we had enough.

We had a whole lot of hope for the new government. It was a coalition that we came to identify with for fighting hard for the rights of all Malaysians and who really wanted to fight corruption. They made promises that, personally, were very aligned with what I was hoping for the country... 

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