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Finding the bright side of the Covid-19 pandemic

COMMENT | It’s only been slightly over a week of the movement control order (MCO) being in effect. If we follow the original period, it will be another week. But two days ago, the prime minister extended the MCO for another two weeks. That means Malaysians will have to remain at home under a semi-lockdown situation for a whole month.

I’ll tell you the truth - that it is stressful to be in this situation. The uncertainty when it comes to work and also the children’s education is what gets me. Although the fact that we’re all stuck at home day after day is also causing cabin fever. I still go out for work because as a journalist, there are stories that I need to report on. But this is minimal.

As parents, my wife and I came up with a detailed schedule for the kids to fill up their time with (okay, my wife organised it!) Their day is planned out from the moment they wake up right up to the moment they go to sleep. It’s quite fun! There are games, entertainment and even learning activities. She also incorporated activities that we do as a family every day.

Not only do we do things together that are scheduled, but my wife has also ... 

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