COMMENT | Wake-up, Health DG and do more coronavirus tests

COMMENT | For decades, Malaysians have been conditioned not to question politicians, and this failure to criticise and force them to be accountable has led to our current predicament in which unscrupulous leaders take advantage of the rakyat.

Few people like to cause dissent, but asking awkward questions is necessary. It generates new lines of thought, promotes constructive growth and discourages mistakes.

Our fight against the coronavirus pandemic should be subject to similar scrutiny. Everyone is united in fighting the pandemic and when doctors disagree on a course of action, all views should be considered.

One unexpected television star to emerge from this coronavirus crisis is Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the director-general of the Ministry of Health (MOH)

The pensive DG, whose deadpan delivery about the severity of the pandemic, is the perfect prescription to calm worried Malaysians, and drive home the message that we are in unprecedented times and must listen to the advice of the MOH.

His matter-of-fact bulletins on the latest developments, presented in a calm and reassuring manner, are in striking contrast to the excited, false jollity of his boss, the Minister of Health Dr Adham Baba...

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