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COMMENT | A different kind of ‘business as usual’ once pandemic over

COMMENT | Since the Covid-19 pandemic spiked and the movement control order was enforced, aside from worrying about the state of the economy and if I will ever get to play basketball every Friday with my buddies again, I also worry about my children’s education. I have three kids and two of them are school going.

My second daughter, Alethea Azlee, who is in kindergarten, has very proactive teachers. As soon as the MCO was extended the first time, they devised online meetings for the kids to speak to each other and record short video lessons for them to do at home. They weren’t too long. A maximum of two hours (normal school is four hours a day) and the kids enjoy it.

My eldest daughter is in Year Three at a government school. It took a while for her teachers to catch up, but now, she has been enrolled in Google Classroom and has been receiving daily homework, assignments and activities from her class teacher. She also gets art assignments and then takes photos and sends them to her teacher via WhatsApp. Not too shabby.

But it is still quite disappointing to ... 

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