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COMMENT | Mahathir and the myth of power

COMMENT | I have always wanted to understand why politicians are so hungry for power. Why are they comfortable in suspending moral principles in their singular journey of amassing more influence and control?

Why do the politicians allow power to corrupt their judgments and make choices that are selfish, arrogant, and petty? Why, in their journey to power, do they always turn out a different person than they were when they first joined politics?

Do people pursue power because of an innate pathological need for affirmation, or do they evolve into a monster beyond recognition because the path to power was corrupting?

I found some guidance in the Greek myths that are 3,000 years old. The Greeks always had a darker view of humanity. Unlike other mythologies that glorify ambitions and achievements, the Greeks were more sceptical of power – they believed it had the potential to rob the conscience of good people and widen the ambit of evil people...

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