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COMMENT | Anwar and Dr M – The best of enemies

"Two years ago, the people of all religions and races helped us through donations and contributions, their voices and suggestions, hope and spirit, to see change for the better in our beloved country. "

– Anwar Ibrahim

"There is a big chance that Bersatu will suffer a devastating loss and the hopes of the Malays to replace Umno with another Malay party will be dashed."

– former prime minister (twice) Dr Mahathir Mohamad

COMMENT | Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said something condescending when disputing an article claiming that his position as opposition leader "… was a signal to Dr Mahathir that he was welcomed in Pakatan (Harapan) but not as its leader.”

Anwar said: "It was intended to incite animosity between Mahathir and me by making it appear that my appointment as the opposition leader was to sabotage the...

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