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COMMENT | PAS' attempt to introduce syariah law by the backdoor

COMMENT | Is the suggestion about banning the production and sale of alcohol, another of PAS' knee-jerk reactions, or is it a carefully choreographed attempt to introduce syariah law by the back door?

Are we finally seeing the true colours of PAS?

A religious fool is more dangerous than an ignorant fool; so when PAS' information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad suggested a ban on alcohol sales until the issue of drink driving was resolved, many of us wonder what they will decide to ban next.

Thirty years ago, they banned cinemas in Kelantan to stop "social ills" in the darkened room, but this has not stopped enterprising and determined couples from meeting on the beaches, in bushes and in the back seats of cars for a bit of fun.

An alcohol ban will drive the trade underground, a bit like the multi-million ringgit trade in smuggled cigarettes, and deprive the Treasury of several billion ringgits in tax revenue. More alcohol was drunk during the prohibition, than before, and Al Capone gained vast wealth...

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