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COMMENT | How quickly Malaysians forget history.

The 2007 demonstration by mainly ethnic Indians organised by Hindraf was instrumental in effecting the tsunami in favour of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition during the 2008 General Election and which saw the downfall of BN in 2018.

How did that Hindraf rebellion happen if it had not been for the fact that Malaysian Indians were, and still are, among the most marginalised and oppressed minorities in the country?

Today, the old leaders of Hindraf are silent on the Black Lives Matter movement that has erupted all over the world. After all, they were the ones who handed in a memorandum on "Police Shootings and Deaths in Custody" to the authorities on 4 March 2004. Alas, it looks as if the Hindraf leaders have been thoroughly turned over and co-opted by the ruling coalition, even seduced by a ministerial post.

Middle-class Indians may want to claim otherwise but obviously, it is the mainly the working-class ethnic Indians who bear the brunt of this racial discrimination. Most of the time, it is the poor and marginalised Indians ...

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