COMMENT | Harapan 2.0: Unstable opposition today, stable government tomorrow?

COMMENT | I don’t give a damn who the next Prime Minister will be if the next government cannot last longer than the current one.

Instead of just fighting over the choice of the next PM, may I suggest Harapan 2.0 to fight over the allocation of ministerial portfolios in one go? Fight for it all now so that, if you can reach a deal, that deal will at least last longer than six or 12 months.

Let’s be frank. The fight over PM-ship is not just a fight of two old men over their personal ambition (“to save Malaysia” if you prefer more heroic imagery) but also an extended fight of prospective government parties over ministerial portfolios and resources.

Make no mistake. I have absolutely no problems with politicians wanting to be PM for the first, third, or nth time. Asking politicians to not pursue power is as naive as asking businesses to not pursue profit.

Neither am I interested to know which politician has wronged others more. It would be a miracle if we still had angels amongst seasoned politicians.

Realistically, as a citizen, all I humbly ask now is...

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