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COMMENT | What are Harapan's 'progressive' values?

"Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’."

- Ronald Reagan

COMMENT | When “progressive” political operatives talk about the middle ground, what exactly are they talking about? Honestly, I do not know what a “progressive” Malaysian political operative is.

What are the values that separate “progressives” from ethnoreligious ideologies sustained by cronyism and feudalism? I know where religion-focused PAS is coming from and we know that Umno and Bersatu will do anything to be the “centre” of whatever power-sharing formula they concoct. But what are these “progressive” values some people keep yapping about?

The DAP has shown that they will grovel at the heels of any Malay power structure that would have them. To them, the “middle path” is anytime they can hold onto public office without being held accountable to whatever principles the party’s ideology is premised on.

PKR has always been imploding, with its president Anwar Ibrahim unwilling or unable to control the narrative. “Malay rights” over the years has been a problem for this multi-racial party simply because the "reformasi" movement has been chipped away when the mandarins of the party who tasted political power realised that reforming the country would not be to their benefit.

When it comes to racial politics, it is painful to...

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