COMMENT | Suggestions for the minister to amend the Finas Act

COMMENT | What a tremendous response to a ridiculous statement made by a minister we had this past week. You all know what I’m talking about, for sure. When Communications and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah mentioned that the Finas Act, which requires any video or film production to apply for a film production licence and filming certification letter.

Under the 1981 Act, anyone intending to shoot a video or film of any kind needs to have a Sdn Bhd (private limited) company, with a paid-up capital of RM50,000, in order to register for a licence. Then, a certification letter needs to be applied for and that needs to be done at least seven days prior to the shoot.

What this means is that whoever wants to shoot any form of video, even if it is of their baby learning to walk or their daughter receiving an award in school to be shared on Instagram or Facebook, will have to get a shooting licence from Finas. If you think I’m joking, then please refer to the minister’s actual quote, where he said:

“It is mandatory for film producers to apply for a film production licence and filming certification letter, regardless of whether they are mainstream media or personal media that publish their films on social media or traditional channels.”

Then the barrage of criticism happened and this came in many forms, from MPs questioning the minister in Parliament to the public bashing him on social media. And I have to say that I am taking sides with all the criticism and bashing that are being thrown his way because what he said just doesn’t make sense...

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