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COMMENT | Today, in Malaysia, what the rich Malay wants, he gets; but the poor kampung Malay doesn't get the running water that he wants.

Few Malays dare complain about the carrot and stick approach. Where rewards don't work, repercussion and punishment follow.

In the end, everyone becomes complicit. Even the non-Malays, who have been conditioned by decades of brainwashing, keep quiet.

The obnoxious, noisy racist like the leader of the Red Shirts is easily identified as the "enemy"; but the most harm comes from the silent ones whom we consider our "friends". They close one eye, or are too afraid to speak out.

Two days ago, Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said that Pakatan Harapan could have done more to address the issue of racial and religious discrimination in the country when it was in power...

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