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COMMENT | Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband continues to make fools out of PDRM

What do you mean by a win-win situation? If you have broken the law, there is no win for you. You lose! It is as simple as that.”

- Former Court of Appeal judge Mah Weng Kwai

COMMENT | Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador’s comment that he is attempting to negotiate some sort of just resolution to a kidnapping case borders on contempt of court. Who is Hamid to interpret a court ruling in a way that he thinks best resolves a kidnapping issue?

Hamid claims that the case has been politicised but he acknowledges that he is communicating with politicians in various states asking them to get involved in a court order. This is not a divorce case. This is a case of kidnapping. The fact that politicians, the PDRM and no doubt the religious apparatus are all enabling this felon is prima facie evidence that there is a conspiracy that the state desires to keep M Indira Gandhi’s child away from her.

Hamid claimed that he was trying to convince the kidnapper "… that everything must be done in accordance with the court ruling, and he must not be selfish for the sake of the child’s future.” – but what do you think the kidnapper thinks about this plea?...

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