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COMMENT | A review of The Kingmaker - similarities between Rosmah Mansor, Imelda Marcos

COMMENT | Mention Imelda Marcos, and we all recognise her as the extravagant former first lady of the Philippines and the wife of the republic's former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Imelda had a 3,000 plus collection of expensive designer shoes which were discovered when the people raided the presidential palace during the People Power Revolution in 1986 that resulted in the Marcos family being forced to flee to Hawaii.

It was one of the biggest stories of political corruption ever at the time, and it received tremendous international attention. President Marcos was considered a dictator who held onto power for 21 years, and nine of those years (between 1972 and 1981), the country was under martial law which he declared because of an apparent communist threat.

That is what I am familiar with if we talk about the Marcos family. Then a feature documentary titled "The Kingmaker" was released...

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