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COMMENT | It’s time to call for a general election

COMMENT | Looking at politics in Malaysia, I’ve always had the idea that it is not a good thing if a political party or coalition has a vast majority in Parliament. What this means is that the majority party can practically do anything they want. Laws can be made and changed at a whim since they control the majority vote.

This is obvious because, in Malaysia, the Federal Constitution has been amended so many times over the decades, I wonder if we can even count the number. Many of these laws then became very self-serving for the ruling coalition rather than for Malaysians in general. But nothing could be done about it because there was not a strong opposition.

So, I have always considered that situations like these are what makes democracy safe. It provides a good check and balance. For example, in Malaysia, if a government doesn’t hold too big a majority, then they can’t simply do anything they want because a strong opposition would be sure to oppose them.

Unfortunately, I think I may have been proven wrong about this...

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