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COMMENT | Politics of lies and deceptions will never end

COMMENT | Did anyone of us actually believe that the current crop of politicians in our midst will ever stop politicking?

If I did, then I have to be the greatest fool to have ever walked the surface of the earth. Politicians, folks, can never stop politicking. It’s their bread and butter.

The politics industry has always been competitive. Yes, it is an industry; politics is a business. Like all businesses, politicians have to compete for customers, fight tooth and nail over them if necessary. (Think of the brawl at Low Yat Plaza last week caused by a dispute over customers. Politicians are like those selling computers and mobile phones fighting for a larger clientele.) Isn’t that a fact?

How many times have we heard politicians, from both sides, telling (pleading, advising or snapping) each other to stop politicking but to concentrate on helping the suffering rakyat and assist the health authorities to flatten the pandemic curve?

What caring and responsible people they must be but who has been politicking non-stop? Certainly not the people...

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