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COMMENT | DAP should drop the 'principled' party narrative

"DAP's readiness to work with Umno proves two things: that DAP is magnanimous and willing to put the welfare of the people as the main agenda. Second, the accusation that DAP is anti-Malay or anti-Islam is not true at all."

- DAP deputy secretary-general and Teluk Intan MP Nga Kor Ming

COMMENT | Now that Umno has exerted dominance over Bersatu with a horribly insincere apology for kicking the Perak Bersatu MB to the curb and attempting to get an Umno political operative into the MB's office, we can talk about how DAP can work with Umno.

The day will finally come when Umno realises that this Malay uber alles experiment is a failure in progress. Make no mistake that there inevitably will be another occasion, when Bersatu's state and federal power structures are plunged into another mess.

The DAP's readiness to work with Umno proves two things. That after years of demonising each other, with a good share of the blame falling on the Umno side, there are some in Umno and DAP who understand that the two parties with the biggest support of their ethnic communities beginning to engage in a bipartisan manner is a good thing.

The second is the reality that...

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