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COMMENT | Sanusi, don't play with water

COMMENT | Penang and Kedah are states in Malaysia and not foreign countries and therefore it is illogical for Kedah Menteri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor to treat its neighbour like an outsider over the issue of water supply.

Sanusi cited a law to buttress his argument that the days of free water are over for Penang. But he interpreted the law his own way.

In his befogged mind, he sees the law as an agreement to supply water to Penang but not as a guarantee of "free raw water supply forever". It follows that an agreement is not biding because it does not have the quality of a rock-solid guarantee. Absurd.

So, this PAS politician is now banging the table, demanding Penang pay RM50 million in annual compensation for drawing water from its (Penang's) side of Sungai Muda, which flows from Kedah.

Sanusi is playing politics with water, which is as dangerous as playing with fire. Water, which is a gift from God and not from Sanusi, is what sustains life. It is what moves the economy. Without water, no... 

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