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COMMENT | Can we export Perak’s Confidence and Supply Agreement to federal?

COMMENT | I think it is quite obvious (to me anyway!) that the way Budget 2021 was approved is a disappointment. I have written several times about how I felt that for the MPs in Parliament to approve the budget as requested by the YDP Agong, they needed to discuss and come to an agreement instead of just bulldozing it through.

So in that sense, I feel like we all have been played by both the Perikatan Nasional government and the opposition. I’ve harped on this probably too many times already in the past month or so, even to the extent that my regular readers have gotten annoyed with me having nothing new to contribute other than the fact that I’m just so frustrated! Sorry… I am human too, you know!

But there’s nothing we can do now. The budget has been approved. The opposition can say whatever they want about how they are unhappy, dissatisfied and all that nonsense. They let it happen anyway.

So I think it is also high time for me (and us) to all move on with a year... 

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