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COMMENT | PN and Harapan – not much of a choice

COMMENT | One is known as Perikatan Nasional (National Alliance), the other Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope). To me, it has become clear that both were established for the specific self-serving purpose of sustaining political careers.

PN is anything but a national alliance; it’s a hastily cobbled marriage of convenience to satisfy a sheer lust for power. And Harapan brings almost everything to the table except hope.

Both coalitions are heavily fractured and they comprise of undeserving leaders who are unworthy to govern the nation. Their so-called leaders are an indisciplined lot, lack a clear vision to move the nation forward, but excel in harping on unity and reforms with no idea of how to achieve those objectives.

So I say: To hell with both! Like many Malaysians, I am not only disappointed and demoralised but furious with the sorry state of affairs before us – never-ending politicking, betrayals and mistrust among allies, temper-throwing leaders with big egos, racial and religious rhetoric continues unabated and the “Me first, rakyat last” policies.

Malaysia is in a dangerous hour...

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