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COMMENT | Politics is like fast food - convenient, cheap, unhealthy

COMMENT | You are what you eat, and the nation is the product of what it has been fed by its leaders.

Without a doubt, Malaysian politics is like fast food. It is convenient. Most of us accept the information dished out by our leaders. Trying to check the veracity of their statements is time-consuming and takes effort.

It is fast. Being spoon-fed information is preferable to finding things out for oneself.

It is bad for our health, but few Malaysians are safety or health-conscious. They only take precautions when they are struck by illness or an accident.

Highly processed fast foods contain additives like colourants and flavour enhancers which take a toll on our health. Malaysian politics affects our mental and emotional well-being in the same way.

Four decades of indoctrination have reduced our capability to think for ourselves. We fail to use logic and common sense. We are so complacent, that we do not wish to stand up against bullies.

It is not just that we have been sold a lie, our social life is also based on a lie.

We are supposedly multiracial, but only one race is championed and other races have to...

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