COMMENT | Can the people be represented during an emergency?

COMMENT | Of course, I am extremely concerned with the drastic spike in Covid-19 infections. If anything, it proves that the virus is widespread in the community. Even I had to self-quarantine recently because I came into contact with someone who was in direct contact with a positive case. Fortunately, the infection did not spread and I’m fine and so is the person I came into contact with.

I also understand that for extreme situations like the pandemic we’re facing, we most probably need to take extreme measures to manage and handle it too. What is important is that everyone must be aware of the basic SOPs that they need to take, such as wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, contact tracing, etc.

If the situation calls for it, I can even back a conditional movement control order (MCO) or even a full MCO. So we’ve got an MCO now. That is understandable. But we have to make sure that the MCO serves its purpose in trying to manage the pandemic, yet would still allow society to function (albeit restrictively).

But then, an emergency has also been declared within 24 hours of the MCO being declared. We can...

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