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COMMENT | Let's be lenient on 2020 SPM candidates

COMMENT | A week from now, the 2020 SPM candidates will be sitting for their examination and making them the first batch in Malaysia to be doing so in an era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is indeed an unprecedented situation for the students because it would actually be the first time that we have a situation where both the students and examiners would need to observe the new normal by wearing facemasks’, face shields and who knows, maybe even personal protective equipment (PPEs) in some circumstances.

One would understand how uncomfortable it is to wear face masks or face shields for a certain period of time and it would feel as though you are being suffocated. Imagine being uncomfortable while taking an exam because we can imagine it being absolutely uncomfortable.

None of us, even myself, has faced this sort of challenge before because we were mostly in school all year long and we had direct physical guidance from our teachers. Some of us even had after school physical tuition classes, just in case we did not pay attention in class...

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