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COMMENT | Our sugar babies and sugar politicians

COMMENT | So, our moral male leaders have decided that it’s “immoral” for sugar babies to offer sweet “companionship” to sugar daddies in exchange for gifts, such as fancy handbags, clothes, dinners and yes, money.

But perhaps these young ladies were merely following the "glorious" example set by our politicians who lubricated the back door to enjoy the ecstasy of power? Why blame the young, when the elders have been guilty of worse sins - betraying the trust of thousands of voters in exchange for gifts far more lucrative than clothes and handbags?

The objection to sugar babies seems to be that selling romance, short-term flings or one-night stands (call it what you want) is “wrong” because it’s not for “true love”. Rather, Sugarbook, the platform offering this service claimed there was a surge of female students signing up in these challenging Covid times to help pay for their college tuition fees and living...

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