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COMMENT | Who is really divided - Malays or Malay political parties?

COMMENT | I thought that one of the major reasons for the declaration of emergency by the government is so that everyone will stop politicking and focus on the Covid-19 pandemic. But I guess it hasn’t worked because we can see so many politicians and political parties politicking left, right and centre.

Umno leaders have been questioning Bersatu leaders and have even threatened to leave the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition. Bersatu is accusing Umno of not putting the interest of the Malays at the forefront of its fight. PAS… well, PAS is just there for the ride. The party will go with whoever invited it to form the government.

The most recent politicking that I have observed is the age-old one where all the politicians are calling for the Malays to unite and come together. Ironically, the political parties that are doing this all come from the ruling coalition - Bersatu, Umno and PAS. Weren’t they the ones who said that the emergency is to curb politicking?

Why are the Malay political parties always trying to unite the Malays? They keep saying that the Malays must come together to protect their interests and...

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