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COMMENT | More people need to speak up on being vaccinated

COMMENT | The vaccine is here. Yay, hooray! To be honest, knowing that Covid-19 vaccination has started in Malaysia has given me a big sense of relief. As soon as the registration process was opened, I immediately went on to the MySejahtera app and registered. This was a week ago.

Then, I read the news that some people were concerned that they never received confirmation on their registration. Apparently, once you complete your registration on the app, a confirmation page will appear. When I did it a week ago, there was no confirmation page.

So I logged on again yesterday and I noticed that the registration page was still offered up to me. So I completed it (again!) and finally, I was shown the confirmation of my registration. Now, if I enter the app, I can clearly see that I have been registered. Phew!

It’s going to be a while before my turn. I’m in the category after the frontliners and those who are high risk. That’s okay. I’ll wait and I’m definitely not going to jump the queue. What would be ironic is if I get the virus now - right at the final leg when vaccinations have started. Knock on wood!

My wife has also registered and I am pushing for my parents and parents-in-law to register as well. In fact, if it were available for children, I would want all three of mine to get vaccinated as well. Although it is voluntary, I think everyone should be vaccinated.

The Malaysian government has also assured everyone that they have procured more than enough to vaccinate the population and it is free. They have also stated that non-citizens will be included as well and this includes UNHCR registered cardholders and undocumented migrants.

Let’s give credit when it is due. I was pleasantly surprised when ...

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