COMMENT | 'Audio-gate' demonstrates Harapan's hypocrisy

"In terms of ethics, we must think, do we want to work hand-in-glove with traitors?"

- PKR president and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim

COMMENT | "Audio-gate" is a prime example of how Anwar is his own worst enemy. Everybody keeps saying there is nothing illegal in that recording and that the “investigation” by the state security apparatus is unwarranted.

Well, yes to both, but this is what the state does. This is what the state always does. This is mainstream politics in this country. But more importantly, it is this kind of behaviour and political norm that Anwar, Pakatan Harapan and the “reformasi” movement were supposed to put a stop to.

Ex-senator Ezam Mohd Nor claimed there was nothing in the audio clip "which could compromise the 'reformasi' spirit that gave birth to PKR". Really? So you do not see anything morally dubious about two men, one under a cloud of corruption scandals colluding with another who claims he wants to get rid of a kleptocracy?

You do not see anything wrong with one man claiming the other handled the Umno general assembly well by cutting off avenues of dissent when Harapan and reformasi are supposed to...

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