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BOOK REVIEW | Joy and satisfaction in doing national service

BOOK REVIEW | It could be described as an odd coincidence -- over the past three months, three personalities from the legal fraternity have written and published books on differing subjects.

In February, former attorney-general Tommy Thomas published his memoir of sorts in My Story: Justice in the Wilderness. Last month, former Court of Appeal judge V C George published his collection of anecdotes and narratives in Stories I have told and some I haven’t.

On Thursday, senior lawyer Sitpah Selvaratnam will release her book titled Arrest of The Superyacht Equanimity: How Malaysia Reclaimed What Was Hers.

The book traces in detail the process from the time Sitpah was given the brief until the yacht entered Malaysian waters, seized on behalf of the government until it was sold and money in the hands of the government nine months later.

There was no dearth of critics when she was first appointed to lead...

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