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COMMENT | Punish the period spot checkers

COMMENT | The excuse of using religion to justify extreme actions is something that I cannot stand for. Think about how extremist groups like the Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) use religion as a justification for violence. Nobody likes them because all they do is kill people.

But violent extremism comes in many forms. Sometimes it may not even result in death or physical injuries. Psychological abuse and trauma has equally devastating results to people’s lives. Post-traumatic stress disorder that people in conflict zones (or even victims of bullying) suffer from is real.

The recent news that broke about “period spot checks” is something that must be addressed. Almost everyone that I know did not seem shocked at all when the news surfaced about teachers and school wardens checking private parts and sanitary pads of students to make sure they are really having their menses.

Apparently, this is a common practice that has been going on for decades in schools. As you probably have read in all the media reports now, so many women were subjected to it, and many are now suffering all kinds of trauma because of this, which is totally unnecessary for anybody to have to go through...

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