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COMMENT | Going about establishing a national unity govt

COMMENT | Following the end of the emergency period on Aug 1 or earlier, it is evident that the nation will continue to face a perilous and high-risk situation because of the prolonged duration and unclear course of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the deepening economic crisis.

In this situation, any decision to go ahead with political activities that are part of the conventional electoral process is fraught with unavoidable danger to the nation's socio-economic progress and security.

We can expect that millions of lives in the entire country will be exposed to an unpredictable and not easily contained pandemic in the electioneering.

There is no way any authority - medical or non-medical - can guarantee that the holding of a general election at the end of 2021 or even early 2022 could avoid a worst-case health scenario that can bring the nation's economy and society to its knees.

At the same time, we are cognisant of the need during this extraordinary period to ensure that the nation’s governance and political administration continues to function normally.

It is also important during this critical period that our political leadership enjoys the confidence and full support of Malaysians.

How to bring about a situation that ...

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