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COMMENT | Stop with the recycled fake news from MCO 1.0

COMMENT | So it looks like MCO 3.0 is sparking off another wave of, not new daily infection rates, but a new wave of fake news being spread all over the Internet and on social media. You would think that after a year has gone by living in a pandemic as serious as the one that we are going through right now, we would have learned a lot about the coronavirus.

One of the pieces of fake news starting to make the rounds again on the Internet is that famous advice for people to dry out their groceries under the hot afternoon sun in order to kill off any existence of the virus. I noticed a couple of my neighbours have started to do it again.

There is also another piece of news that is going around on social media where a mother talks about how her 20-year-old son died of Covid-19 after receiving a package from a courier service guy (I’m not going to name the courier service company). But yes, one more piece of fake news making the rounds.

Another thing that has also taken me by surprise is the fact that there are many instances of people panic buying when the MCO 3.0 was announced. Haven’t we already learnt from the first MCO and the second MCO that food supplies will always be available? This is something that the government has already assured us of.

I don’t mean to take Covid-19 and the pandemic lightly. That’s not it at all. In fact, I think that it’s important that we do everything we can to follow the prescribed advice of always wearing a mask, sanitising our hands and...

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