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COMMENT | No Covid-19 patient should be brought in dead

COMMENT | The Malaysian Health Coalition is concerned with the increasing number of Covid-19 patients brought-in-dead (BID) to hospitals. As of May 31, Malaysia recorded 2,796 Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia. 293 out of the total (approximately 10 percent) are patients who were BID. These deaths reflect possible systemic failures and must be taken seriously.

We urge the following:

1. Research the possible issues leading to BID

The government must conduct relevant research to determine the exact reasons and causes for the high number of Covid-19 patients BID. Genomic testing will help us understand if there are more virulent variants in Malaysia. Granular data from this research should be made public for awareness and analysis.

Systemic barriers like lack of physical access to healthcare facilities or lack of education on Covid-19 symptoms should be identified and addressed, especially in Sabah which makes up 29 percent of all BID cases. If issues of distrust in science, health professionals, or the government are identified, then long-term solutions should be implemented...

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